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Advancing Equestrian Sport with Innovative Technology

19 January 2024

Welcome message

"Welcome to Nextquestrian, where technology and innovation lead the way towards a more sustainable future.  

By definition, equestrian activities rely on the intricate interaction between horse and rider. The ability of any rider, trainers or judges to correctly interpret the subtle signals of our four-legged partners will not only greatly enhance the short-term success of any horse-rider combination, it will also determine the long-term health and welfare of the horse. 

However, assessing these interactions is highly complex, with many different aspects that need to be considered. Eyetracking technology can provide us with an objective and detailed analysis of what riders, trainers and judges focus on when visually interacting with horses. By tracking eye movements, we can identify patterns of what elements judges focus on when assessing horse-rider combinations. This information can lead to more standardized and objective performance evaluations, improving the sustainability of equestrian sports. Now and in the future."

Inga Wolframm


“There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a (wo)man.”  
- Churchill 

EVENT Concept

Join us for a unique event featuring exclusive clinics led by expert equestrian trainers. Experience the cutting-edge with eye trackers, as our instructors delve into the intricate details of their gaze, providing unparalleled insights into the world of equestrian artistry. Immerse yourself in the world of equestrian technology at our event, where innovation meets horsemanship.


Prepare to embark on a journey that combines tradition and innovation, setting the stage for the next era of equestrian greatness. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the evolution of equine technology – Nextquestrian awaits you!

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